IPO data and quality

One of the most often used sources for data on Initial Public Offerings (IPO) and follow-ons is the databse Global New Issue(s) from Securities Data Company (= SDC, now part of Thomson Financial/Thomson Reuters). While looking for information on IPO’s I came across two websites that report on IPO data and data issues when dealing with data from SDC.

The first website is created by Jay R. Ritter, Professor of Finance at the Warrington College of the University of Florida. A number of historical data files or refferals are listed/offered that provide additional data or alternative sources. The oldest data available is from the Nineteen seventies.

The second website is created by Alexander Ljungqvist, Professor of the Stern School of Business at the New York University. He has compared data from IPO’s with data gathered from SDC Platinum’s Global New Issue database and reports on problems for shares outstanding, venture backing, and syndicate size.