Fiscal Years & matching data

When you download annual report data from Compustat and need to match this with similar type data from Datastream you need to be sure that when you combine data it is from the same fiscal years. In Compustat you can download the data with both the variables Fiscal Year (= fyear) and Fiscal Year End (= FYR).

In Datastream the database Worldscope provides the annual report data. The data is usually reported with the calendar year as column or row headers. This can be compared to the Fiscal year in Compustat. For the fiscal year end the variable WC05350 can be used.

The unique combination to combine data from these sources is then:

  • Compustat Global & Datastream:
    ISIN (or Sedol) + Fiscal year + Fiscal year end
  • Compustat North America & Datastream:
    Cusip 9 / Ticker + Fiscal year + Fiscal Year End


1) In Compustat Global you need to download the Currency code as well as the data etc. to know in what currency the data is made available in the database. The data from Compustat North America is reported in US Dollar. In Datastream you can choose to download your data in a specific currency (calculated using historical exchange rates according to Thomson)

2) Accounting Standard can be an important variable as data in databases can be from different statements as reported by a company (statutory reports, SEC filings, etc.). In Compustat this variable is: acctstd. In Datastream it is the variable: WC07536