Specific CBS websites

The Dutch national statistics bureau CBS (Centraal Bureau voor de statistiek) has a general website through which current statistics are made available. In addition two specific websites are available with historical time series data:

1) Dutch census website
The 1795-1971 Dutch Censuses website enables you to view or download most of the Dutch census tables, published in the period 1795-1971. Besides, most of the instructions and attachments (see documentation) are online available. The original records were scanned and digitized and are now available as images as well as MS Excel tables. Many of the original census documents are available in Adobe PDF format.

2) Historical publications website
The CBS bureau is currently digitizing its older historical publications. These are made available through a specific historical” website. Through the website more statistics publications from the 19th and 20th century will become available. Currently the digitized publications include the Statistics yearbook of the Netherlands from 1969-2006 and several older statistics publication series on trade.