Data research using Microsoft Access

A short while ago I was asked how to get data from Audit Analytics on companies that did not have restatements. The idea of the student for the thesis was to compare Audit data from companies that had had restatements with companies that had not. The first part was not that hard: Audit Analytics has a specific restatements part database which you can search through for specific restatements.

The difficult bit was finding companies for the same period that did not have restatements. It was also important to find similar US companies that are active in the same industry (using SIC codes). My solution was using the Compustat North America database to get US companies that had had statements filed in fiscal year 2009.
Using the output from that database I used Microsoft Access to match data from Audit Analytics with output from Compustat North America. Based on the match I could find companies that did not match by looking at the CIK codes. I could then also find matching companies with similar SIC codes.
Using a list of CIK codes from that match and uploading this in Audit Analytics I could get Audit data on companies that had not filed restatements. Afterwards you can use the links within Audit Analytics to the public SEC database Edgar to see original filings.

Here you can view an example movie of this type of research. The subject of the example in the movie is: Find Audit data for US companies that have had restatements on their fiscal year 2009 and compare them with similar type US companies that have not had restatements over the fiscal year 2009.