Bankscope cancelled and replaced

Bureau van Dijk (BvD) publishes the Bankscope database. It was announced recently that Fitch, the main provider of the Bankscope data, has terminated it’s contract with BvD. As a result, the availability of bank data will undergo some important changes, with possibly disruptive consequences.  BvD is currently working on a new Bankscope data product: Orbis Bank Focus. However, the coverage of the new database is limited at the moment: historical coverage in this new database is severely restricted, with up to only three years of data (Bankscope has ten (or more) years of history). BvD are prioritizing cross-sectional coverage, and are working on including recent & historical data for banks in different countries. The new product is obviously a serious restriction for academic research.

The current Bankscope database will remain available until the end of 2016, at which point the contract between Fitch and BvD will end, and BvD will need to take down the data. If this affects your research, I advise you to download data as soon as possible.


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