SDC Platinum save problem

In some SDC databases it may happen that you get an error when you are exporting / saving data. Most commonly you encounter this problem when you try to use a custom report. The database where you most often get problems is the VentureXpert part database that has information on funds and firm investments. The error that pops up is “Invalid column“. See example:

The problem may be related to the output option that was chosen. There are just two choices for output: Excel and Text (= plain, fixed width). When you are downloading much data the text choice is usually the best option because the (old) SDC software works with the limits of the old(er) Excel editions and Windows. Also, the text download is much faster than the Excel download. By right-clicking the report you can change the output to text format. In addition, you also need to change the Options. See example:

In the options tab “Titles and Options” you need to mark the option Text (instead of Columnar Grid). See example:

After the changes you get a plain (fixed-width) text file that may be used in programs like Excel, Stata and SPSS.


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