Datastream search change

Not long ago the Datastream series search screen was changed, maybe as part of the overall move to Internet Explorer 11 (last version supported for IE 7 and 8) and the new Microsoft Edge browser. The main change involved the removal of the search option Criteria Search. This advanced search option allowed you to combine search criteria and create lists of series and these lists could also more easily be saved.
Example screen shot of the previous search screen:

The advanced criteria search screen was identical to the old search website that existed before the current simple search screen. Example Criteria Search screen:

Most of the search options or save options are available in the current simple search screen (or through the Explore option at the top) but it requires more work if you are a researcher and need many series from different markets etc. Large selections are also more difficult as the save and selection options are now limited. Overall, in most cases, it still offers enough search or limiting options:

N.B. 1: I contacted the Thomson helpdesk about the change and asked if the Criteria Search option could be restored. Unfortunately I first got excuses stating that this had to do with the switch from IE 10 to IE 11 (where I work). When I tested this using IE 10, however, I got the same altered search website. The technical people eventually indicated that we were stuck with the change and they were disinclined to restore this handy option. Maybe it is part of their overall planned move to stimulate people to start using the Eikon platform.

N.B. 2: The Extranet option for Datastream is also changed and now you are puched towards the Thomson Infobase website. So far I do not think this is much of an improvement as some of the information I used to be able to find seems to be gone there. Example:


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