WorldScope coverage update 4th Quarter 2015

WorldScope company records now cover annual reports data for 79187 companies. This includes 47007 active and 32180 inactive companies. This update: 634 companies were added. Because of these additions the number of active companies in the database has gone up 297 from 46714 in September. WorldScope company records are also available through Datastream and LexisNexis.

Today I have updated the WorldScope country coverage file and it now includes the latest update as it was posted in the fourth Thomson Reuters Infostream quarterly publication of 2015.

Major updated Countries (new records):
Australia (30)
Canada (19)
China (16)
Hong Kong (25)
India (56)
Japan (21)
South Korea (44)
Sweden (16)
United Kingdom (17)
United States (258)


Companies & greenhouse gas emissions

I recently got a question on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for individual companies. There are more options if you need data on a country: Datastream and open data country level data Quandl sources. I know only of a few sources/databases that cover this type of information on a company level. For listed companies there is the database  ASSET4 ESG: the database exists for about 12 years and started with 1500 companies. It now covers 6000+ companies worldwide. The database is available through the Datastream software (Thomson Reuters). ASSET4 ESG covers the following relevant GHG datatypes:

CO2 Equivalents Emission Direct    ENERDP024
CO2 Equivalents Emission Indirect    ENERDP025
CO2 Equivalents Emission Reduction Production (inactive)    ENERDP028
CO2 Equivalents Emission Reduction Transportation (inactive)    ENERDP029
CO2 Equivalents Emission Total    ENERDP023
CO2 Estimation Method    ENERDP124
Cement CO2 Equivalents Emission    ENERDP027
Estimated CO2 Equivalents Emission Total    ENERDP123
Fleet CO2 Emissions    ENPIDP029
Score – Emission Reduction/CO2 Reduction    ENERO05S
Score – Emission Reduction/Cement CO2 Emissions    ENERO04S
Value – Emission Reduction/CO2 Reduction    ENERO05V
Value – Emission Reduction/Cement CO2 Emissions    ENERO04V

Only three of these list specific data on CO2 (or CO2 equivalents) production in tonnes or g/km:

  • Cement CO2 Equivalents Emission ENERDP027
  • Estimated CO2 Equivalents Emission Total ENERDP123
  • Fleet CO2 Emissions ENPIDP029 Time Series N

If you need more data on companies you could also try getting the CDP or sustainability/CSR reports for the companies through sources / websites like:

Through the CDP website (after free registration) you can also view and download data for companies and governments on the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, water management, and forest-risk.