New platform change: Passport

Recently the Passport database was changed and now has a new web-based platform. The Passport database (Earlier name: Global Market Information Database / GMID) is a database by Euromonitor International and covers much market-related information as well as broad country and consumer statistics. Over the years, the Passport platform has continued to evolve and now, more than before, offers guided paths to get at the reports and market data that you would like to have. The startup screen now looks as follows: After selecting categories and continueing on you often get guided through maker (more) specific selections and then a geographical region: The end result, however, looks the way you are used to: a table with a selection of items that you need and a time frame / geographical selection: The main change in this last results presentation, is the fact that the save / download / print options are now presented at the top left corner: above the options to change the selection criteria. Email

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