Sustainable & Responsible Mutual Funds and other databases

In the past I have posted an item on sustainability funds from the US SIF website with some performance data. The Mutual Funds on the website lists Tickers and names for these funds. The tickers on that website are NASDAQ Tickers. Additional information on these funds can be downloaded from the CRSP Mutual Funds part database Funds summary using a text file of these tickers. At search step2 in the WRDS platform you can choose to upload a file containing mutual fund codes:

In WRDS at step 3 you can choose to download descriptive information. If the CRSP database does not contain enough information you can select items like 8-digit CUSIP of NCUSIP as part of your download. The NCSUIP is the 9-digit CUSIP.
Using these CUSIP code you can search for more information in other databases like Compustat North America and Datastream/Asset4 ESG/WorldScope. In Compustat you can download data by creating a text file with CUSIP codes. This will run fine.

Using CUSIP 9 codes in Datastream (and for databases through datastream, like ASSET4 ESG and Worldscope) requires that the codes are enhanced by adding the letter U in front of each code. This can be easily done using the Concatenate() function in Excel. See example:

Before uploading a list of these enhanced CUSIP 9 codes, make sure to copy and paste the list in Excel to make all these CUSIP codes values! Datastream cannot upload Excel formulas. When you need to upload and work with lists in Datastream you can select the codes using the mouse and then use the Datastream option: Create list(from range):


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