Bitcoin exchange rates on Datastream

The past year the digital currency Bitcoin has increasingly caught the eye of governments as well as the investment world. I have posted two items in the past on the Bitcoin phenomenom:

1) A basic post on the availability of Exchange rate data through divers exchanges.

2) A specific post on the Bitcoin price and the Bitcoin Price index

Thomson Reuters has now decided to make available exchange rate data for the Bitcoin to US Dollar through the Datastream system. The exchange rate data is delivered by the Bitcoin UK platform Bitstamp Ltd. It can be argued that the delivery of data by just one provider may give a biased view on the developments. In this case it may be a good idea to check out the Coindesk price. The data from the exchange Bitstamp Ltd is currently included in the calculation of the Bitcoin Price Index of Coindesk.

Datastream mnemonic : BTCTOU$
Start date: 18/08/2011
Frequency of update: end of day

The available Datastream time series datatypes are:

  • (ER) Exchange Rate Middle, in this case the last BTC price on the day
  • (EH) Exchange Rate Intra-day High
  • (EL) Exchange Rate Intra-day Low
  • (VO) Volume of Bitcoins traded.


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