Selecting Cross-border M&A deals in SDC

The Mergers & Acquisitions database of SDC Platinum has a variable that easily allows you to select deals between nations. This variable is the Cross Border Transaction Flag which says Yes or No depending on the situation. When you want to use this variable you need to be aware that the Cross-border variable indicates that the country/nation of the (direct) target is different from the country/nation of the acquiring ultimate company. The Immediate acquiring company may be in the same country or even state!

SDC definition of the variable CROSS: Cross Border Transaction Flag: Yes/No flag set to ‘Y’ when the target company (or assets being sold) in the deal is not located in the same country as the acquiror ultimate parent.

Example screenshot when only using the cross-border variable:

If your research requires that the companies that are directly involved in the deal, to be in different countries/nations, then you need to add additional search steps to limit the search result. You can select all target companies that are located in a certain country: for instance the United States. You can use the variable Target Nation for this. Next, you can add the seaarch variable Acquiror Nation and exclude (direct) acquiring companies that are also located in the same country: in this case also United States.
Example screenshot when including the extra steps:

NB: Make sure to define nations when appropriate. The above example I used was United States. In this case you would have had to decide if the following should be included: Guam, Hawaii, etc.


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