How to use directors data in REACH

In some cases it is interesting to find out in which Dutch companies directors and board members are currently active. This way you can find out in what kind of network they are active: through which Dutch companies they are linked with other people. The first thing you will probably do is make a selection of companies for which you need to do some research. In REACH you need to make sure to have the following variable in your output: DMC UCI (Uniek Contact Identificator). This variable uniquely identifies an individual director / manager in the database.

To add the field to your output you can click the button Kolommen (= columns) in your screen when you have a list of selected companies:

In the next the variable can be selected at the section Directeuren / Managers. In this screen the variable is called UCI (Uniek Contact Identifier):

When you are finished editing the list you can save/export the selected companies (with directors information) using the Exporteer button in the middle of the screen.

Using the UCI codes goes as follows:

Step 1 is finding the codes

  • When you have the output in Excel you can select the column with the DMC UCI codes and copy them to a new worksheet
  • In the Excel tab Data (= Gegevens) you may use the option to remove duplicate DMC UCI codes. The limit for uploading DMC UCI codes in REACH is 1000, so it pays off to remove duplicate codes!
  • Save the sheet as a text-tab delimited file

Step 2 is using the codes

  • Start up REACH and first select the option Contacten (= Contacts) at the top left corner of the screen (Next to Bedrijven):
  • In the new screen you can search for directors. Here you click on “Zoekstrategieën en IDs” (=Search strategies and ID numbers)
  • Now use the option “Laden van schijf” (= Load from disk) to browse and select the text file (from step 1) with DMC UCI codes:
  • In the next screen click the orange button OK to continue
  • The result screen appears which will show how many DMC UCI codes it could find in the database. It may also show codes it could not find or match. Click the orange OK button to continue
  • The list of people that now appears shows some standard options. The list can be changed and variables can be added through the button Kolommen.

N.B.: In the Contacts part of REACH you can add variables/fields on the directors to the list presentation. It is, however, not possible to add company financial data. You can get the company data by adding the BVD Company ID Nummer (= Unique Company identification number in REACH) to the list presentation and exporting the result to Excel. Company data can be found on the companies by uploading the BVD ID Numbers in the Company (= Bedrijven) screen of the REACH database:


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