Governance committees & historical membership

Most websites of companies list information on governance committees on their websites. Audit Analytics is one of the few databases that contains information on the members of these committees and the remuneration. One of the few databases that has any information on the historical changes in membership of these committees is LexisNexis. Like Audit Analytics, the database has the most information on US companies. The information on these committees is available through one of the US sources in lexisNexis.

The database/source is called: U.S. Executive Compensation Database.

The subdatabase you need is: U.S. Executive Compensation Database – Boards & Committees.

The way to search in this source in (the Academic version of) LexisNexis is as follows:

  • Start up LexisNexis and click the option Sources
  • Next click on: Find Sources
  • Type in the keyword field for: U.S. Executive Compensation Database
  • Click the red button: Find Sources


  • From the search result, mark the options:
    U.S. Executive Compensation Database – Boards & Committees
  • Click the red button: OK – Continue


  • In the search screen use the options to (example) find the CEO of Microsoft Corporation: Ballmer
  • Click the red search button


The search result will present an example of a report with data that can go back 10 years. See the example report that you can download here.

The information in the database report is taken from the SEC filings of a company in the EDGAR database.


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