Governance committees & companies

Corporate governance in larger & public listed companies usually involves the formation of several internal committees. These specific committees are formed around specific separate governance issues and are generally composed of directors, supervisors and usually also include non-executives or non-board members. Over years the members change and the number of committees change. One person is often a member of more than one committee.

Examples of these committees are:

  • Audit Committee
  • Remuneration / Compensation committee
  • Corporate Responsibility Committee
  • Nominating & Corporate Governance Committee
  • Supervisory Committee.

On websites for larger companies it is often possible to find out who the current members are for each committee. You can also regularly find this type of information in the annual reports or annual reviews. One of the few databases that also list this type of information for many companies (mainly US), is Audit Analytics. The information is available when you click onwards (after a search) to the company snapshot. The quickest way to go there is:

  • Choose the sub-database D&O Changes (Directors & Officer changes) on the right side in the screen
  • Search by 1 or more tickers
  • At the bottom in the search result (list): click the name of a company

See example:

When you reach this point the screen shows the company data from the tabGovernance“. It is possible to click on the subtabCommittees“. There you will find the latest data on committee compositions and committee remunerations for a company (if available of course). See example:

If you need historical data you can use the link at the top to go all the SEC Filings. This link leads to the EDGAR database which has all available historical filings. The DEF 14A or 10-K/20-F filings usually have information on previous years for the committees.


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