Directors, Board members & Committees in Europe

One of the few databases that cover information on directors and board members as well as some information on senior management staff for European companies is Amadeus. The Amadeus database covers listed and unlisted production companies. No financial type companies are covered here. Part of the information can be called up through separate report-presentations. When you have created a list and click on one of the company names you get the default company snapshot presented. Only when the snapshot is presented, is it possible to make a selection for the specific snapshot/report on board members, directors and management staff data.

There are two versions of the management report:

  • Report (Current Directors / Managers / Contacts)
  • Report (Previous Directors / Managers / Contacts)    .

See example screenshot:

Saving these reports with all the data is possible but the limit for downloading the data is: 50 reports at once. If you need reports for more companies you will need to export repeatedly in batches of 50 (1-50, 51-100, etc.). The data for each company will be presented in a separate tab/sheet in the Excel download file. Much depends on the company, whether board/directors/managers data is available. The origin of the data is usually the annual report, the company website or data from other news sources. The column with the name/header Body, indicates in what company bodies the person is active. Examples are:

  • AdmDep (Administration Department)
  • AudC (Audit Committee)
  • BoD (Board of Directors)
  • CoGoC (Corporate Governance Committee)
  • HR (Human Resources dept.)
  • NomC (Nomination Committee)
  • OthBC (Other Board Committee)
  • R&D (Research & Development)
  • RemC (Remunaration Committee)
  • SenMan (Senior Management)
  • SupB (Supervisory Board).

Important: The Report presentation does not allow you to export all data (including small biographies). You will have to change the list presentation to do this. Click on the option Columns (above the list) to elect and unselect variables/data for the download. Example screenshot:

NB: The database REACH is a database that covers all registered companies at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (listed and unlisted). Depending on your subscription a module on Board members & Management may be included. If available this allows you to download similar board and Management data (as described above) for Dutch companies.


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