ASSET4 ESG and Sustainability lists

Over the past 14-15 years companies have increasingly reported on Corporate Social Responsibility, Governance and (Environmental) Sustainability. The ASSET4 ESG database carries historical data going back to 2002 when it started gathering data on 1000 (mostly US and EU) companies. These days the number of companies in the database has increased to about 4500 companies.

In the same period two sustainability lists were started: the GRI list of companies using the GRI methodology, and the Global 100 list. I think most companies that currently report using the GRI methodology are covered by ASSET4 ESG. As a check you can use the GRI company list which lists companies (starting in 1999) that have reported according to the GRI guidelines. That list also states what GRI guideline level has been used. Unfortunately it is not possible to upload the GRI website list as it only has the names of the companies. That also makes it difficult to match ASSET4 ESG output with the GRI List.

You can use the variabel GRI Report Guidelines from the database to find out if a company publishes a CSR or Sustainability report in accordance with GRI guidelines for each year that ASSET4 ESG has data on the company. The output will say Yes if it does.
In all, ASSET4 ESG has three GRI related variables that you can download on companies included in the database:
1) GRI Report Guidelines – CGVSDP028
2) Score – Vision and Strategy/GRI Report – CGVSO06S
3) Value – Vision and Strategy/GRI Report – CGVSO06V

Here you see an example of this:

The Global 100 list was started in 2005 and the most current list has just been published on 2014. The list can be downloaded from the Global 100 website. The ASSET4 ESG does not have a specific Global 100 variable that identifies it as being covered. However, the Global 100 Excel list not only annually lists company names but it also has the ISIN codes of each company. That makes it easy to get data from the ASSET4 ESG database as you can upload a list of ISIN codes using the Datastream Excel Add-in option Create list (from range). 340 companies were included in the Global 100 over the period 2005 to 2014. For 330 companies it is at the moment possible to get data from the ASSET4 ESG database.


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