Asset4 ESG database

The database ASSET4 ESG provides environmental, social and governance (ESG) information based on 250+ key performance indicators (KPIs) and 750+ individual data points along with their original data sources. This makes it an excellent database for people looking to investigate sustainability and governance on a company level.
If available, the data(base) can be accessed through the Datastream software of Thomson Reuters. Searching for companies(/equities) and data types through Datastream works the same as any other database that can be searched with Datastream software.

There is some extra background information and help available through the Extranet option in Datastream. You can find the extranet option on the right side in the Datastream add-inn in Excel:

In the Extranet website you can find the section on Asset4 ESG on the left side under Products and Data:

In addition to background information and a Data Glossary the extranet also has two very nice Excel sample spreadsheets that you can download and use: the Company ESG Profile spreadsheet and the spreadsheet for Sector & Industry Benchmarking. These two sheets may allow you to do some comparison research quickly. Although very handy, they may not be specifically suited to your own research.

The Company ESG Profile Excel spreadsheet, for instance, allows you to get a quick idea of the companies in the database: a list of companies (with codes) is available in the first tab in Excel:

Using a code you will be able to do a search from the sheet and get many ESG variables for several years in one go for a single company:

The result will be presented in the subsequent tabs/sheets of the Excel spreadsheet file:

Please remember that the spreadsheets from the extranet were pre-built and may require a recent version of the Datastream software on your computer to work properly! Also, the first tab of the Company ESG Profile Excel spreadsheet has a list of companies in the Asset4 ESG database. This company list (with ISIN and Datastream codes) is very likely outdated. More companies have been added to the Asset4 ESG database since then. If you want to know which companies in a certain market (or from a specific exchange) are covered by Asset4 ESG, you can do a static search using the Data TypeASSET4 Company ID“. If a company does not have this ID in the output, it is not covered by this database:


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