CRSP Mutual Funds & NASDAQ Tickers

Not long ago I got a question about the sustainable & responsible Mutual Funds that were listed on the US SIF website. Using the 145 NASDAQ tickers from the website I did a search (through Wharton/WRDS) in the Mutual Funds database Fund Summary of the Center for Research in Security Prices (CRSP). Data on a total of 138 funds was returned but unfortunately for only 108 funds the NASDAQ ticker was also returned as a data variable. 7 of the funds were not returned and also gave no result in the output.

This makes it impossible to easily combine the downloaded data with the data from the US SIF website for 37 of these funds. I contacted the CRSP helpdesk to find out why for 30 funds the tickers were not returned and why for 7 funds it might be missing.
The following situations may cause this result from the CRSP database:

  • The fund is not in the search result because it is not in the CRSP database
  • The fund is not in the search result because it is not connected to the NASDAQ ticker
  • The fund is in the search result but has no NASDAQ ticker because it was not connected to it for all the years in the database.

This means two things:

  1. To find the missing NASDAQ Tickers for the funds it may be an idea to change the approach of the research. First do an initial search with all the NASDAQ Tickers and change the scope of the search to include a larger number of years. For the older years the NASDAQ tickers may be available. Using the matching Fund Numbers from CRSP you can now do a second search to get the data you need for the original time frame of the research. This means some extra work using Excel or SPSS to get a matching list of NASDAQ tickers and CRSP Mutual Fund numbers.
  2. To find out if missing funds are really not in the database a manual search needs to be done using the Code lookup option.

The easiest way I found to start the research, is getting a list of CRSP fund numbers combined with the NASDAQ tickers using the historical DVD copy of the CRSP Mutual Funds database. With the installed CRSP Sift 4.2 software it is extremely easy to get a matching list. A search in this database can be done using a plain text file with NASDAQ tickers.

If tickers are missing from the result you get a specific pop-up message listing the missing tickers. You can copy these and save them separately. The Excel search result of 138 funds can later also be used to match the CRSP data with the US SIF data from the website.


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