Bitcoin exchange rate data

The past year the digital currency Bitcoin has increasingly caught the eye of governments as well as the investment world. This is in part because more and more online companies as well as regular companies are accepting bitcoins as payment. Bitcoin is actually an open source peer-to-peer electronic money and payment network introduced in 2008. Some limited research on the exchange has also been done by the Academic world. More information on it is widely available through Wikipedia and the Bitcoin website.

The exchange rate of the Bitcoin to US Dollars, Euros and other currencies has been reaching extreme hights lately. It looks like the use and trading in bitcoins may be heavily influenced by speculators. If you want daily exchange rate data or even intraday data for the different exchanges or markets that handle trades, you can visit the website called Bitcoin charts.

Using this website you can call up specific data on different currencies. General and recent information is available if you select a currency + market/exchange combination. More detailed data (including intraday data) can be called up by clicking the option “view larger chart” at the top left corner of the graph:

Using the options in the tab “Pricechart” you can select the frequency, time period etc and draw a specific chart. Below the graph an option will be available to download the raw data:



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