Companies & the Global Reporting Initiative

Over the past 10 years sustainability or corporate social responsibility have become increasingly important for companies. Many companies these days publish reports or include specific chapters of their annual reports/reviews on this subject. Companies also actively try to become part of sustainability indices or lists to show how responsibly they operate.

In the past I have posted several specific blog items on sustainability:

Since I posted the item on the GRI many companies worldwide have started using this methodology and GRI version 4 has now appeared. In the original post I referred to an excel file of approximately 3000 companies that shows an overview of the companies that have adopted the GRI methodology. This list now includes a staggering 5500 companies worldwide. The list also shows when companies started adopting the GRI method inclusing which level they used in what year. This list is updated 6 times a year and can now be found through the Sustainability Disclosure Database at the section About This Site: