Datastream and equity prices from BATS Europe

Today I got a question about prices for stocks that are traded on the BATS Europe platform. This platform is primarily used as a private platform for trading in stocks by investment firms, private equity & individual stock brokers. BATS Europe was formed in 2008 and later merged with CHI-X Europe in 2011 and became BATS Chi-X Europe. Datastream covers stocks data traded at the BATS Europe as well as those traded on Chi-X Europe. Index data, however, is not currently available through Datastream. BATS Europe equity prices can be downloaded as follows:

1) First look up the stocks traded at the BATS Europe and make a selection of the ones you are interested in. You can find the list of BATS traded stocks by using the Advanced search sceen which can be found by clicking in the Black menu bar (at the top of the Navigator) on Criteria Search.

2) In the advanced search screen the Data Category (at the top of the screen) needs to be changed to: Constituent Lists. In the next screen you can search on the name: BATS. The search result will include BATS Europe (mnemonic: FMIFBAT). Use the small arrow to the right of the name BATS Europe to call up the option “Display Constituents” and click on this text.

3) The list that now appears shows the currently traded equities on the BATS Europe platform. As per usual you can click the square boxes to mark/select the equities you want and click “Use selected” to use the selected equities. Usually when you download the price for a stock you can leave the search box in excel (where you put the data type you want) empty: the default data type for stocks is the closing price (padded) called P. In the case of regular stocks you would get the price of the main exchange where the stock is listed. If you want the price of the stocks as they were traded on the BATS platform you would need a different Data Type: P.BAT. Below you see an example of a download for a small number of equities where I chose to download both the default closing price and the BATS price:

According to the Thomson Reuters helpdesk a similar option should be available in Datastream for the CHI-X Europe platform.


Changes in the Datastream Navigator (8 June 2013)

In the previous post I mentioned that The Datastream Navigator was going to change. Here is a Quick Reference overview of the Navigator changes. It is a marked change from before but it has some nice new options. One of the changes I like least is that the Advanced Search Navigator now is a bit “hidden” under the option Criteria Search in the black menu bar at the top of the screen. I guess not every change is a step forward.