Copying tables from PDF to Excel

I usually copy tables from a pdf document by selecting the tables with the mouse and then right-clicking to copy-paste it in another program (like Excel). Depending on the form and type of PDF document this method sometimes works fine. At other times the result is unusable. If this method does not work well you could try a new free tool which has become available: PDF to Excel. This tool may help extract data from tables in PDF documents.

I tested it out on 10 PDF documents and met with mixed results. Sometimes it works fine, but at other times the result was not good. I have seen it be succesful, however, when a regular copy-paste option did not work.
The main reasons for the different results probably have to do with the underlying documents that were converted into PDF. More recent PDF documents are usually easier to copy from then older PDF documents. Also, older scanned documents can be very tricky. I found that the tool also can work well with secured PDF documents. I suggest you give it a try and judge for yourself:


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