Shareholder types in BVD databases

Many of the databases of Bureau Van Dijk (BVD) allow you to call up information on the ownership of companies. When you call up a full report for a company in the database it is possible to go to a specific report with historical information on shareholders. Not only does it list the shareholders, but also percentages of ownership, month and year of the information, and type of ownership. Below you see an example screenshot for a company from the REACH database:

The type of shareholder is indicated in this overview with letters: A, B, C, etc. You can adjust the presentation of the type of information presented using the option Filters at the top of the list at the Options. You can also view a subsset of the available types of shareholders:

Unfortunately the list only shows letters and the filter option do not tell you which letters represent what types. If you do some further research in the online support/help information you can find out which letters stand for what types. Below you find an overview in the Dutch and English Languages:

Dutch Translation (used in REACH):
A = Verzekeringsmaatschappij
B = Bank
C = Handel- & Industrie-organisatie
D = Naamloze particuliere aandeelhouders, geaggregeerd
E = Beleggings- & pensioenfonds / Nominee / Trust / Trustee
F = Financiële instelling
I = Eén of meer bij naam genoemde individu(en) of familie(s)
J = Stichting / Onderzoeksinstituut
L = Ander naamloze aandeelhouders, geaggregeerd
M = Werknemers / Managers / Directeuren
P = Private Equity firma’s
S = Overheidsinstantie / Staat / Regering
V = Durfkapitaal
Y = Hedgefondsen
Z = Beursgenoteerde bedrijven

English Translation (used in Amadeus, Bankscope, etc.):
A = Insurance company
B = Bank
C = Trade & Industry organisation
D = Nameless private stockholders, aggregated
E = Mutual & Pension fund / Nominee / Trust / Trustee
F = Financial company
I = One or more named individuals or families
J = Foundation / Research Institute
L = Other named shareholders, aggregated
M = Employees/Managers/Directors
P = Private Equity firms
S = Public authority/State/Government
V = Venture Capital
Y = Hedge funds
Z = Public (Publicly listed companies)

MINT/ORBIS Additional categories:
H = Self ownership
Q = Branch

NB: In the help section it is also possible to get some definitions for some of these catagories (see the Orbis/Mint ownership specific ownership section).


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