M&A related private equity activities

One of the databases of Thomson Reuters that can be searched using the SDC Platinum software (and also through the web-based Thomson One) is the VentureXpert database. It contains information on Venture Captial and Portfolio companies as well as statistics.

Another SDC database is the Mergers & Acquisitions database. Through this database it is also possible to get information on private equity investments. The M&A database has the variable called Venture_type_code and it is used to indicate when an M&A deal involves private equity or a venture captital firm or fund. Below you see a full description of the variable.

In combination with a region or nation variable for the acquiror (and/or target) it is possible to find out more about private equity investment activity in nations or across nations. It is also possible to find out in what type of M&A activity private equity companies are involved.


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