SDC and data on Initial Public Offerings

A short while ago I helped find data on companies that got listed at a stock ecxchange for the first time. This type of Initial Public Offering (IPO) is called the Original IPO (in the SDC database Global New Issues). After doing a search I expected to see a single record with information on each issue of stocks. The search result, however, showed what appeared to be duplicate records.

After doing some further research I found out why this search result looked this way. The “duplicate” records were not duplicates. The records indicated the specific tranches (or portions) for an issue. In some cases all the stocks were offered in one go, but sometimes companies choose for the stocks to be sold in different markets (or even countries). Below you see an example for the company World Online BV. Different tranches were filed for different markets:

The total number of shares that are offered is higher still in this example. The reason is probably that some shares were offered to private parties first, and the remaining shares were offered for sale on the market(s).

Definitions of ‘Tranches’ are available at Investopedia and


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