Standard & Poor’s website and (no) Indexes

In the past I posted a couple of messages on the excellent S&P Index website. Through this website you could register for free and were then able to find and download S&P Index data for the past 365 calendar days. These indexes included the S&P 500, 100, 400, 600, 900, 1000, and 1500. Sometime during the last couple of months the website was changed and much content was transferred to the new website. If you work on a computer in Europe the website redirects to the EU edition:

Information on the US indices can now be found at Unfortunately, the new website no longer offers the option to get daily index data for the past 365 days. If you still want this data you will have to start paying for it and the prices are no joke. Apparently offering some free data to entice customers to pay for more (or longer time series) is an old idea and now a thing of the past.

If the organization where you work can afford an alternative like Datastream, Bloomberg or Compustat North America you still have access to changing index data but it may not be with a frequency that is daily. I posted items on some of these databases at my older blog.


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