Datastream & data downloads I noticed that the Datastream Navigator has a small “bug” when it comes to selecting data types in the Datastream Navigator when you want to download data. At first nothing seems wrong and selecting data types goes easy through the Navigator. For example, when I want to download data from the 10 Year US Benchmark bond in this example below. First I search for and click the series I want and when the line turns Yellow I get a small graph and additional information below the list of series (search result). I use the option “more” at the lower right corner of the screen to find out what data types are available for this series.

In the next screen I select a number of variables by marking the squares to the right of the name of each data type. When I am done I click the button/option, called “Use selected” (top left corner of the screen).

When I do this The search screen in Excel shows both the series mnemonic and the mnemonics of the Data types in the first selection field (for series selection). When I run the query, only the default variable is downloaded and I get the following error message for the (other) data types:

The problem can be avoided by first copying the last mnemonics that are added to the first field to the second field (in Excel) for selecting Data Types! When you run the search now, the data is downloaded. See below for an example:


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