Passport GMID updated

The database Passport GMID (former name: Global Market Information Database) has undergone some changes. The most remarkable changes involve the search options. It is now much easier to make a quick specific search using the Menu and selection options that are available at the top (black bar).

When you make a selection it is immediately possible to make additional selections using the options that appear in the middle of your screen. Below you see an example when I selected the category Consumer appliances from the menu option Industries (in the black bar). The options that appear after making a selection do vary, depending on your choice, but may include quick links to additional choice options like:

  • Search Tree
  • View top countries
  • View top categories
  • View top companies
  • Analysis finder
  • Dashboards visualize data.

After making choices you will go screens/sections in the database that are more familiar from the previous website for the database. The option that I think is really new, is: Dashboards visualize data. When available this option gives you the possibility to call up visual overviews etc. Below you see an example:


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