Accountability reports on housing corporations

On 1 July 2009 the foundation for the reviewing of Dutch (social) housing corporations was created. The (Dutch language) official name is: Stichting Visitatie Woningcorporaties Nederland (SVWN). Its purpose is to create, develop and maintain an objective and independent accountability review system. The purpose of the external accountability review (Visitatie) is, that it allows (social) housing corporations to objectively report on their social responsibilities. All social housing corporations are required by (Dutch) law to have an external organisation conduct an accountability review every 4 years.

Information on the SVWN website is in the Dutch language only. You can find information on the organisation, accountability methodology, external organisations that write the accountability reports on the housing corporations, and accountability reports (visitatierapporten) themselves.

Starting from 2007 more than 350 reports are available on the SVWN website. I am not sure how complete the archive is. It may therefore be a good idea to use the website of the Centraal Fonds Volkshuisvesting (Central Foundation for Public housing) to find websites of housing corporations. Many of these also publish the latest accountability report on their own website. The CFV website also contains sector and market information on housing corporations in the Netherlands.


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