Audit Analytics & company changes

The database with Audit information offers two options to search for information on companies, You can search by name, or you can search by company identifier. The company identifiers that can be used to search are Ticker (symbol) and CIK numbers. The CIK numbers remain unique for companies. Tickers may change over time because they identify different companies over longer periods. Companies may also change Tickers depending on how companies evolve over time.

Some of my last posts here I checked in a few database how they deal with company changes and I used as an example FORTUNE BRANDS Inc. This company was recently split into BEAM Inc and the demerged FORTUNE BRANDS HOME & SECUR Inc. I also checked the Audit Analytics database and found that:

1) Name changes are handled fine: searches on old names will find you the company under the new name. Example looking up Fortune Brands will find you BEAM :

2) Tickers changes are tricky: old tickers can no longer be used to search for a company. The old ticker FO of Fortune Brands will not lead to the company BEAM. This means that working with historical Ticker lists of indexes like the S&P 500 from databases or websites may prove tricky.


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