Datastream & Excel download limit

When you download a lot of data from Datastream you may run into the problem that Microsoft Excel 2007 has a download limit. The download stops at the limit of the previous Excel 2003 version: Columns from A to IV. Transposing the download may not always solve the problem. If this happens the workbook in Excel may have started the worksheet in the (Excel 2003) compatibility mode. The solution is to start a new worksheet in the Excel 2007 mode.

You can do this as follows:
1) Start up Excel
2) Close the (blank) workheet
3) Click on the round Excel symbol in the top left corner
4) Click the option: Excel options
5) Go to the tab: SAVE
6) Change the option: Save files in this formatExcel Workbook (*.xlsx)“.
7) Click OK
8) Now start up a new worksheet
9) Download data from Datastream

See below the example screen capture:


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